Widow trees, Tasmania - Andras Ikladi



Andras Ikladi embarked on his photographic journey in 2016, seeking a fresh avenue for personal expression after a two-decade career as a visual effects artist on major Hollywood productions, where he received accolades from the film industry.


Ikladi operates on the boundary of documentary/street photography during the exploration of his initial theme, utilising their tools and methodologies. As the project unfolds, he takes a more subjective approach and transitions to a reflective, elliptic, lyrical attitude. The editing process enriches the original concept with layers of personal meaning through reinterpretation, crafting an implied narrative that prompts the viewer to connect threads of subjective experiences between images of a pair and within the broader sequence.


Ikladi's leitmotifs often include the surrealism inherent in everyday life, fears and playing on the dualistic nature of surface appearances and seldom-seen undercurrents. His characteristically vertical compositions, often heavy with black shadows and grain, invite viewers into a dreamlike state - a departure from reality.


Recognising the photobook as his optimal medium, Ikladi appreciates the nuanced artistic expression they allow in setting the context and unfolding the theme through sequencing and the tactility and design aspects of the final product. To date, he has published seven short-run books (Blackout, Crows Nest, Undercurrents, Ukiyo: The Floating World, Incubus, Midnight Eclipse and Citramarine) and continues to explore this approach.

"Photography is not for the satisfaction of others. Neither is it some kind of responsibility or mission. It is a means to fill a personal void." - Chang Chao-Tang

Biographic details


1978: Born in Hungary

1996-2022: Motion picture productions
                    (Budapest, London, Toronto, Sydney, Singapore, Beijing…etc)

2004: Assistant Camera training at the Hungarian Society of Cinematographers (HSC)

2015: Photobook editing workshop at Invisible Photographer Asia (IPA), Singapore

2015: Photobook editing workshop with Zhunag Wubin, Malaysia

2016: Darkroom printing at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA), Singapore


Currently living in Xiamen, South China and Szentes, Hungary





Citramarine @ RANDOM Gallery, Budapest

Solo exhibition // Budapest Photo Festival


Out of the Ordinary @ PH21 Gallery, Budapest

Group exhibition





Crows Nest


Ukiyo: The Floating World


Midnight Eclipse