Undercurrents by Andras Ikladi

Shadows dance along the shores of the HunHe River of Northeast China, revealing a haunting narrative that echoes the harsh reality of a world in turmoil. The river becomes a metaphor for the undercurrents of pain and struggles that flow beneath the surface of daily life. It serves as a sombre reminder that, amidst the tranquillity that nature offers, a city grapples with its own demons. The lens captures scenes of desolation and heartache, laying bare the harsh contrasts of a metropolis caught in the grip of uncertainty.  Etched in black and white, these images carry a weight that transcends words, capturing the silent struggles and the unspoken resilience etched upon the faces of those fighting against the tides. “Undercurrents” offers an exploration of the human experience amidst adversity. It is a testament to the resilience and the unwavering strength found in the darkest of times.

Undercurrents - first edition flipthrough