Motion Picture

During my 25 years in the industry, with my teams, we created VFX for nearly 50 feature films for both Hollywood and Chinese clients (animation and live action alike), dozens of TV Commercials, a few documentaries and delivered 20+ AAA game cinematics, collecting a few awards in the process.



BAFTA nomination for Best Achievement in Special Visual Effects

Grand Bell Awards (Korea) winner for Technical Award

The Battle: Roar to Victory
Grand Bell Awards (Korea) nomination for Technical Award

Boss Baby
Academy Award nomination for Best Animated Feature film
VES Awards nomination for Outstanding FX Simulations in an Animated Feature Film
Golden Globe Award nomination for Best Animated feature film

In the Heart of the Sea
VES Awards nomination for Outstanding Supporting Visual Effects

Legend of the Guardians - The Owls of Ga’hoole
AACTA winner for Best Visual Effects
VES Awards nomination for Outstanding Effects in an Animated Feature Film

The Wandering Earth
Beijing Film Festival winner (Best Visual Effects), Golden Rooster winner (Best Movie)


Work history


May 2021-June 2022 (1 year 2 mts):
CG/VFX Supervisor - Base Animation

May 2017 – October 2019 (2.5 years):
Head of 3D - DEXTER Studios

October 2016 – February 2017 (4 months):
Bidding Supervisor - Base FX

July 2016 – April 2017 (10 months):
Senior FX Technical Director - Base FX

October 2015 – May 2016 (10 months):
Lead FX Artist - DreamWorks Animation

May 2012 – October 2015 (4 years):
FX Department Lead - Double Negative DNEG

April 2010 – May 2011 (1 year):
Senior FX Technical Director - Dr. D Studios

June 2008 – March 2010 (1 years 10 mts):
Senior FX Technical Director - Animal Logic

January 2008 – May 2008 (6 months):
Senior FX Technical Director - Mr. X

January 2005 – December 2007 (3 years):
CG Supervisor / Head of 3D - Axis Animation

May 2000 – June 2001 (1.5 years):
Maya Application Engineer - Leonardo SNS

January 1998 – December 2004 (7 years):
Generalist Technical Director - Freelance



"Andras is Senior TD and a Lead FX TD when Dneg Singapore just started FX department. He's been with Dneg Singapore for close to 4 years. Always the go-to-guy for fx issues for anyone in the fx department or other department needing his advise for fx to other pipeline related stuff. He is someone who is willing to help junior fx td, mid-level fx td and giving advise other senior fx td. Personally, I felt he could coming a very good fx supervisor in near future role because he is not someone of past skills or talks artistic too much for shots, he is someone who is able to do shots himself, help others solved technical problems, mentor others, manage a team of fx tds, continuous improving himself and with deep knowledge of rendering/pipelines/tools."


“In the past work at Blaad Studios (Dexter China), I had the chance to join 3D Department (including FX,LGT,ANI,AST,3D CMP) which was led by Andras, during which I was honored to witness how, under the lead of Andras, 3D Department had grown and risen. We marched steadily forward like "a new force" and became one of the core organs of Blaad Studios within only 2 years' time. With his comprehensive knowledge and professionality, Andras has won trust, respect and admiration from whole personnels including management, production team and artists. I was mainly assisting Andras with 3D related breakdown, bidding, scheduling, task assigning and team management etc., in the movie The wandering Earth (space station part with complex 3D/FX shots) and a unreleased movie (heavy CG water/interaction/3D ENV/CG Char). To be honest it was hard for me to imagine how to to accomplish such complicated work under such tight schedule. But we did it and had our clients satisfied. Andras was the one who made it happened. I was constantly amazed by Andras' extraordinary leadership and his problem solving ability. He guided us through the whole procedure and showed us how well can a project be under control. He is definitely one of those forward-looking leaders who can foresee problems and figure out solutions calmly and decisively. Equipped with abundant experience and knowledge, Andras always stays curious and has the passion leading us towards higher levels and breakthroughs. I was lucky to have Andras as my supervisor, workmate, and mentor. Really look forward to having the chance to work with him again!”



“I have been working alongside Andras for nearly 1 year and half since he joined our small fx team. He has brought a tremendous all round improvements into our world. The team was grown from doing atmosphere fx to full screen explosions, water and all sorts of dynamics. I personally had benefited a lot from working with him and had learned a lot from him. I'm impressed by his knowledge in all kinds of effects and also in depth understanding of Rendering (PRman, Mantra) and pipeline. He always pushes for better solutions and think out of the box. He had setup the workflow on explosion sequence for Fast and Furious 6. without him, I could hardly believe that we could deliver and especially within such short period of time. He initiated deep composition onto this project and it turns out to be very valuable not just for this project but also it is been adopted in the coming projects. He is super easy to approach and always willing to help and really patient. he is open for suggestions and debating. He has eye for details while at the same time be able to see the whole picture. He can turn over things fast and adopt changes efficiently. If you are looking for senior FX TD, CG sup, Teacher, pipeline, production, I would recommend Andras! bcoz he is simply one of the best all around player and a nice person to get along in a team in life in general."



"I worked alongside Andras on the feature animated film "Legend of The Guardians". Andras was a technical guru and all around professional when it came to work. We'de often be discussing the pipeline and how make our work as a team better. He is extremely technical as well as artistic and handled some of the more complex shots including waterfalls, fire, clouds/fog, and oceans. A veteran to FX and a great guy to have on your team I would not hesitate to recommend him for any position!"

"Andras is the man. A brilliant artist, technical know it all and a great gift for seeing beyond the obvious. I doubt there's any problem he couldn't solve or wouldn't go out of his way to help you with. I wish i had seen him do more FX work, but he was usually too busy fixing our pipeline. And for a guy stuck in code land so much, he's a proper good human being. Cg wizard and stand up geezer....I kinda miss him :)"